Covid-19 Anti-body Tests


I hope that you and your loved ones are well. I would firstly like to take the opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you for your support and patience during these difficult times in which appointments have been delayed due to lockdown. Tackling this virus has caused uncertainty for everyone and whilst we are still navigating through this and evaluating the safety precautions we need to put in place before we reopen we are still not able to yet give you a specific opening date. I would like however to assure you that me and my team are working vigilantly behind the scenes to ensure that when we do reopen we will fully comply with all the safety advice and measures provided. Ultimately your safety is the most important to us. 

During the past few months as we have been hit hard in the UK with Covid 19 and therefore I made the decision to return to the NHS to help fight this virus from the front lines. I have been working hard alongside the many other brave NHS staff on a Covid-19 ward each day to ensure the best possible service to the many victims of this terrible disease. 

Alongside the reallocation of our workforce we have donated any PPE (gloves/masks) that we currently have in stock. As Imperial Aesthetics is a medical provider, we therefore believe it is incredibly important for us to continue to support the NHS in any way.

It is crucial to us here at Imperial Aesthetics to ensure the safety of our clients in all aspects and it is for this reason that we are monitoring the governments guidelines closely in relation to when we will be able to start offering appointments again. When we do reopen the doors to our clinics again there will be certain changes to the way in which we operate. For example, all of our staff will all be wearing the correct PPE. Whilst you might find your appointment slightly different than how it was before, please be assured this is for your safety and you will still receive the highest quality care.

All of our staff here at Imperial Aesthetics are highly skilled and trained technicians who are well trained in infection control and prevention. Therefore, all of our staff will be regularly screened for symptoms and also any of the staff that have been working on the NHS front lines will be self isolating for two weeks prior to the reopening of the clinic and will be tested for Covid-19 before returning to work. 

If you have any specific worries or concerns please do not hesitate to reach our and contact with our team who will be more than happy to talk through any issues that you have.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Until we meet again, stay safe.

Dr Hunt 


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